Paste Plain Text

Welcome to Paste Plain Text! This webpage allows you to copy and paste text without formatting. You can convert your clipboard content to plain text without formatting by pasting your text below, and then copy the plain text to your clipboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why paste plain text without formatting?

Plain text without formatting is useful when you want to remove any styling or formatting from the text. It's commonly used when copying content from one application to another, ensuring the text appears consistent across different platforms or software.

Does Paste Plain Text work on both a Mac and PC?

Yes, Paste Plain Text works on both Mac and PC. It is a web-based application and can be accessed from any modern web browser on various operating systems.

Are there other ways to paste plain text without formatting?

Yes, there are other methods to paste plain text without formatting, such as using keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+Shift+V or using dedicated applications or tools that specialize in plain text conversion.

Are numbers, bullets, and tabs copied over to the plain text?

When pasting plain text, numbers, bullets, and tabs are typically preserved, but any associated styling or formatting may be removed. The resulting plain text will include the content without the original formatting.

Can I paste rich text from anywhere?

Yes, you can paste rich text from various sources such as websites, documents, emails, or any other application that supports copying text. The web app will convert the rich text into plain text for you.

After pasting the text here, can I edit the text in the box and then copy the edited plain text?

Yes, after pasting the text into the box, you can edit the content as needed. Once you're done editing, you can click the "Copy Plain Text to Clipboard" button to copy the edited plain text to your clipboard.

Does this work with Word, Outlook, Google Docs, etc?

Paste Plain Text can be used with various applications, including Word, Outlook, Google Docs, and others. You can copy the desired rich text from these applications and paste it into the web app to convert it to plain text.

Does my pasted text get stored anywhere?

No, Paste Plain Text does not store or retain any of the pasted text. The conversion process happens locally on your device, and the text is copied to your clipboard without being stored on any server or database.